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Name: Christian Radil
Born: 1979
Live: Copenhagen, Denmark
Work: Self-employed Professional photographer since beginning of 2012
Education: Copenhagen Film & Photography School (2008)

Profile & background:
I started taking pictures and really getting in to my first analog camera at the age of 21. I had just finished my degree as an electrician. And got drafted to the military (volunteered).
From 2000 - 2010 - I lived and breathed for the Military Police - where I ended my career as a Staff-sergeant in september 2010.
After another 1,5 years in Afghanistan as a "security consultant". I took a different direction, and my life as an photographer began.

What do I think?
"Life is about catching the right moments, whether its on film or choosing the right path. Pictures can capture a second of emotion, and it is these seconds that has let me to photography.
Having a background within the Danish militarypolice for a decade and as a personal protection officer, I have seen many scenarios in different environments – good as bad, met a lot of different people and explored many parts of the world. It has opened my eyes to the versatility among us, and the power of the right communication for the right enviroments.
90% of communication is nonverbal and visual, therefore it is important to choose the right photographer to represent you or your companies identity.
Contact me today and let me help you create a stronger visual image."